Device Manager

Does your business have a lot of devices?
Do you rent/use these devices on a daily basis?
Do you want accountability of how your devices will be used daily?

Then what you need is Hypa Device manager. An offline web program capable of cataloging your your devices and their usuage. A system capable of calculating hours of usage per device and giving you a detailed report of it all.
A system also capable of cataloging your staff or clients alongside with the usage of the devices.


  • Ability to upgrade/change application to suite your taste as it was custom bulit from scratch.

  • Ability to Catalogue all your devices

  • Ability to Catalogue all your Customer/Staff

  • Ability to Connect device to Staff/Customer for a period of time.

  • Ability to Disconnect device to Staff/staff for a period of time.

  • Ability to retrieve history of connections between devices and customers/staff.

  • Use of Barcode entries of devices to remove fake devices from entries.

  • Multi-level user application which enable only specific users to handle certain tasks in the application.

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