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Product - Store Manager

Do you have a small/medium scale store?
Do you want to be able to monitor your store without having to be in the store everyday?
Do you want to make sure your store is selling original and not fake goods?

Then what you need is Hypa Store manager. An offline web program capable of cataloging your sales and products. A system capable of calculating your all sales (Direct and indirect) and giving you a detailed report of it all showing your profit or loss.
A system also capable of Syncing all data of sales to your website so that you can check online without visiting the shop daily.


  • Ability to upgrade/change application to suite your taste as it was custom bulit from scratch.

  • Ability to Catalogue all your different products

  • Ability to Catalogue all your Customers and Staff

  • Ability to work with offline and synchronize sales with an online replica for view by an admin.

  • Ability to calculate sales figures for the staff at point of sale to remove errors of human calculations.

  • Remote monitoring of the sales figures without having to go to the store.

  • Abiity to include all indirect expenses of the store for proper expenditure calculation.

  • Calculation of profit and loss of the store on a daily basis.

  • Multi-level user application which enable only specific users to handle certain tasks in the application.

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