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Hypactive News - Watch Zinnia in ‘Overload’ video

After much anticipation, an African born singer-songwriter, Zinnia, is set to release the video for her hit single “Overload”. The song originally released in 2018 was an instant hit, gaining popularity not only on the continent but also internationally. For the most part, Zinnia’s music scored millions of fans in the pacific islands and has become an anthem in the region.

“Overload” has over 5 million streams and maintained the Number 1 spot on iTunes for 6months. It is also the first track on her upcoming EP.

The video is another creative masterpiece by ace Nigerian music video producer and director, Avalon Okpe and was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria.

Zinnia’s Anglophone vibe is unique, sampling from a variety of genres without losing her identity. A true vocalist, she is set to make her mark on the international music scene. She is currently working on an international tour to promote her hit single and her upcoming EP.

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